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In Babylonian astronomy NIBIRU was a term used for the highest point of the ecliptic, i.e. the point of summer solstice, and was also considered as the highest point in the paths of the planets. She was a goddess of a crossing point who watched stars.   
A mysterious planet called NIBIRU crosses the Solar System once every 3600 years, following her orbit around the Sun.  NIBIRU has already been close to the Earth in the past and now she is coming back. Scientists suggest that the planet will be visible soon in the sky as a Red Planet. This same red planet has been mentioned in Mayan civilization manuscripts.
'...It is a small torrent in a stream composed of woven water threads, which go to you, dear Scorpio woman, to place upon your head like a red shawl to protect you, fan the flames which heal and bring full color to a vision almost surgically sterile in its pursuit of the pure...' 

Charles Goldman, Poem on N I B I R U painting by Charles Goldman is below

N I B I R U, Oil on linen, 122 x 92 cm
Private Collection

N I B I R U, Oil on linen, 122 x 92 cm, Detail

by Charles Goldman
(aka Doctori Sadisco)

She comes
and the wind upon her waves in blue flames

She is the graceful fire
burning away fear

She is the number which goes up
in the gambler's smoke
of the bet made red with his anger
of the bet he did not win

She awakens the blood to rise
from the ocean depths like a whale made of fire

She surfaces like a droplet of red from the wound dabbed clear with a piece of tissue

She is moving in the flames which hypnotize
and which cannot be contained by seeing them

She is the liquid fire of the stars
She is the center for the spinning worlds of the heart

Her aroma is that of burning forests
The animals of the plains run from her encroaching flames
but I
I run toward her
arms outstretched to embrace her furious wind

The beating red wings of the approaching phoenix
as she emerges from the ashes of death

The raging storm within her steadfast gaze
Maker of worlds
She who renews the barren earth
The one who scorches red the green grass

Whose kisses drive their fire down through my red blood
in the fire of life itself
burning out the windows and tenements
of our night red cities
She is the neon light cast up to the clouds
the red upon the sleeping eyelids from a nearby lightening strike

Her heartbeat of pure flame singes me awake
Her heat has taken my breath away
I am compelled to rush into searing bosom
like the stupid moth addicted
to the red warmth of incinerating light

Flame is my mentor
My ecstasy
My best friend
My beloved whose sexual power roasts
other men alive whose
oven is red with the blood of delicious man-steaks
whose dark moody heat seduces women
whose flames of enticement move governments
whose magical wiles precipitate cash out of the burning air
generating red fortunes for the gray men
asleep on the sidewalk below

She is the volcanic rush of lava
the rumble within the molten depths
which rises like rage to snare entire populations
and when calm makes new rock for the hardiest ferns
to squeeze in their new red roots in the slow tide
of red life taking a thousand red years to turn the brown earth green
Charles Goldman (aka Doctori Sadisco)


All images Copyright © ARINA (Arina Gordienko).All rights reserved

Photographs of the painting by Anton Sokolov



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