Listen to The Silence. Silence is far beyond of just a quietness or absence of any noise. Silence is Space. It is Space where everything was born and everything came from. It is Space where everything is happening and where Your Consciousness integrates with the Source of all Creation, the Source out of which all Creation arises.
I paint Silence as a symbol of harmony, clarity, purity and connection with the Universe. I believe that Silence is a Harmony and Music of the Universe, this is why I title this series of works as musical compositions – Silence, Opus 1, - Opus 2, - Opus 3 and so on... as long as I am blessed to sensor this Music from the Source of Creation and conduct it onto my paintings.
When we are in silence we are in tune with the Universe and can hear and feel all the vibrations of the world, and even vibrations of the Future and Past. There are too many words and verbal litters in the world – listen to The Silence, listen to the World, listen to your Soul. 



Silence, Opus 3, Oil on linen, 110 x 145 cm, 2009
Shortlisted (Top 100) for BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, UK, 2009
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Silence, Opus 2, Oil on linen, 150 x 170 cm, 2008

Silence, Opus 2, Oil on linen, 76 x 122 cm, 2007

All images Copyright © ARINA (Arina Gordienko) All rights reserved

Photographs of paintings by Alexey Moskvin

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